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Product Details

Mono X2

Higher Precision It has 4K+ screen pixels with a resolution of 4,096 by 2,560px. Up to 48μm single-pixel accuracy, a 4% improvement over Photon Mono X, giving you a higher level of detail.Creativity Without Limits With a 9.1’’ monochrome screen, the Anycubic Photon Mono X2 has a 3.8% larger print area than the Photon Mono X. You can print large objects or several miniatures at once. Unleash your imagination and creativity.
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
● Z Axis: Double liners with 10um accuracy
● Build Platform: Laser engraved aluminum alloy
● Contrast Ratio: 350:1
● Light Transmittance: 5%
● Exposure Screen: 9.1"monochrome, 4K+(4096x2560px)
● Light Source: < 27,320 lux power density
● Control Panel: 3.5"TFT touch-control
● Power Supply: 100W rated power
● Data Input: USB Type-A 2.0
● Machine Leveling: 4-point manual leveling
● Printing Speed: ≤ 6cm or 2.36in / hr.
● Printing Volume: 4.8L / 162oz
● Printing Dimensions: 7.8*7.7*5in. / 200*196*122 mm (HWD)
● Machine Dimensions: 16.4*11.4*10.2in. / 417*290*260 mm (HWD)
● Machine Weight: 7kg / 15.6lb

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